Cristian Opriş

dr Cristian Opriş

1973, Făgăraş. Lives and works in Cluj.

Cristian Opriş graduated from the Cluj University of Art and Design, where he has been teaching in the framework of the Graphic Department since 2002. His main domain of interest is engraving, with all its classical technics, drawing and the book-object.

Between 1995-2010 he participated in several Romanian and international exhibitions of engraving, where he won more prizes (Japan, The Chech Republic, Sweden, Hungary, Belgium). He also participated in numerous studio-meetings, residencies and workshops dedicated to the art of engraving and litography in France, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary.

Projekt Trzeci Wymiar Grafiki WIT Szkoła Wyższa pod auspicjami PAN Universitatea De Artă Şi Design, UAD Program Katamaran – Przygotowanie i realizacja wspólnych studiów II stopnia
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