Krzysztof Franaszek

Krzysztof Franaszek, b. 1981 in Lublin, Poland
Author of sculptures, objects, installations, and drawings. Graduate of the Sculpture Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (final diploma: 2006), doctor of fine arts (2013).
Stipend scholar at Christian Jankowski’s studio at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart, Germany (2005), and of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2009, 2018). Showed his works at eight solo exhibitions, i.a. at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Studio Gallery, and Le Guern Gallery. Participated in over a dozen collective shows and projects in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine,
Bangladesh, and India. Academic staff member at his alma mater in Warsaw since 2006.
Head of the Space Arrangement, Sculpture, and Drawing Studio at the University of Applied IT and Management, Graphic Design Faculty since 2013.
Continuously on the lookout for new means of expression in his oeuvre. Working with metal, wood, and plastics, merges opulent visual forms with ideas and symbols, using 3D printing and electrical and illumination installations. In Franaszek’s work, the theme of human nature and emotionality – alluding to ways of functioning in public and urban space – has morphed into clear abstract forms, totems, and installations. The exploring of creative and destructive forces as two equivalent causative energies takes on the form of artistic series, wherein the artwork changes and evolves.

• ‘Szron’ – Warsaw art fair, Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, collective exhibition 14.12.2019 • ‘Wszystkożercy’ (Omnivores) – exhibition in the ArtWalk at Plac Europejski in Warsaw, Poland. Show organised in co-operation with the Art in the City Foundation. Warsaw, May-August 2019. • ‘Rzeczy, które nas wciągają’ (Things That Draw Us In) – solo exhibition at the le Guern Gallery in Warsaw, Poland. February-March 2019. • ‘autoportret’ (self-portrait) series – sculptures shown at a collective exhibition in India. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Museum Gallery, College of Fine Arts in Bangalore. December 2018. • ‘Now Art’ – premiere of the ‘złoty baran’ (golden ram) installation, Contemporary Art Festival, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, December 26th 2018 – January 10th2019. • Participation in the international Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2018. Premiere show of the sculpture ‘sharp’. September 1st-30th 2018. • ‘Wyostrzone’ (Sharpened) – solo sculpture exhibition. Galeria Korekta, Warsaw, Poland. October – November 2017. • Award in the ‘Unicorn Family’ competition, sculpture for the City of Łódź, Poland. August 2017. • ‘portal aktywny’ (active portal), sculpture in public space; Art Biennale of the Culture Shock Foundation, Warsaw, Poland. 2015. • ‘Obelisk’ – solo exhibition, Pekao Project Room, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland. 2013
• ‘Światłodziura’ (Lighthole) – solo show, “cultureshock” Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. 2012-2013. • ‘Centrum’ (Centre) – solo show, assembly hall of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. September 2012. • ‘Zgrupowanie’ (Grouping) – solo presentation of the work on the exhibition wall of the Gallery A19. Marymont underground station, Warsaw, Poland. 2011. • ‘Hala’ (Hall) – in co-operation with Simone Ruess. Joint project and video installation show, Warsaw, Poland. 2011. • ‘Uroboros’ – ‘efekt wow’ (wow effect) collective exhibition, ‘In’ Gallery, Żyrardów, Poland. 2011. • ‘Divina Silo Art. Complex’ – exhibition organised in co-operation with the ‘Local to Local’ international artists collective. Development of a site-specific exhibition. Lithuania. 2010. • ‘Gradient’ – solo exhibition at ‘Mała Galeria’, Nowy Sącz, Poland. 2010. • ‘Asfalt’ (Asphalt) – solo exhibition at the Studio Gallery in Warsaw, Poland. 2009-2010. • ‘Asfalt 2’ (Asphalt 2) – solo exhibition at the BWA Gallery Lublin, Poland (Grodzka Gallery). 2010. • ‘Dialogi’ (Dialogues) – participation in the 9th International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Sankt Petersburg, Russia. 2009. • ‘Move’ – participation in New European Media Art in Halle , Germany. 2009. • ‘Spadające przedmioty’ (Falling Objects) – installation exhibition at the ‘Kronika’ Gallery in Bytom, Poland. 2009. • ‘The Site’ – project developed in public space in Utrecht, the Netherlands; presentation, show of the origins of the work, and realisation documentary: ‘Among performers and seagulls’ at the T’Hooght Cinema in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 2009. • Screening of the film ‘Shut Down’ as part of the ‘Under the Skin, New Video from Poland’ presentation project. New Museum, USA, New York City. 2008. • ‘EuroUfo’ – installation in public space as part of the ‘MachtRaum’ project. Berlin, Germany. 2008. • ‘Planeta Zabawy’ (Planet of Fun) – developing an interactive object in public space and the ‘Play!Art’ documentary, during group activities and workshops. Gryfino, Poland. 2008. • EPAF 2007 – participation in a performance festival at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland. 2007. • KunstMuseum-Staatliche Akademie – collective exhibition under Christian Jankowski at the KunstMuzeum Stuttgart; collaboration to develop a multimedia transmission project: KunstMuseum-Staatliche Akademie 2005. • Award at the ‘Zoom Out’ New Media Festival. Berlin, Germany. 2005.

Projekt Trzeci Wymiar Grafiki WIT Szkoła Wyższa pod auspicjami PAN Universitatea De Artă Şi Design, UAD Program Katamaran – Przygotowanie i realizacja wspólnych studiów II stopnia
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