Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We have entered the New Year, 2021, the third decade of the third millennium, full of hope for the future.

The anxiety in the world related to the pandemic situation has forced the postponement of some tasks of our project to a further date, but our activities are constantly ongoing, albeit in a changed formula – online. The virtual world will not replace the uniqueness of the real world, but our expanded activities and contacts with the Partner’s University only confirm our willingness to cooperate in the future. We systematically carry out current tasks and we strongly believe that the joint study program we have been designing will have the opportunity to become a platform for the exchange of academic ideas between Poland and Romania, contribute to the artistic and scientific development of academic youth, and will result in further fruitful cooperation.

May 2021 bring prosperity and good health to all of us

3d Graphics Team

Projekt Trzeci Wymiar Grafiki WIT Szkoła Wyższa pod auspicjami PAN Universitatea De Artă Şi Design, UAD Program Katamaran – Przygotowanie i realizacja wspólnych studiów II stopnia
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