Zenon Balcer

1986-1988 studied at the Institute of Artistic Education at UMCS in Lublin. In the years 1988-1993 I studied at the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, where in 1994 I defended my MA thesis in the film drawing studio under the supervision of prof. Jerzy Kucia with distiction.

1991 a scholarship holder at the Department of Animated Film at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada.

From 1992, for two years I was associated with TVP Kraków, where I created the graphics for the newly established Regional Television. In the years 1994 – 2015 I cooperated with TVP in Warsaw, where I created television headlines, virtual set designs, graphics for music and sports events. I also dealt with the visual identification of individual antennas. I was a participant in the commission established to standardize the image of TVP.

I also conducted trainings and workshops in graphics, photography and computer animation, among others at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Warsaw, and in many post-production companies. Since 2012, I have been running the Studio of Fundamentals of Animation and Digital Film at the Warsaw School of Information Technology (the WIT) in the field of Graphics (full-time 1st degree studies, 1st degree extramural studies, postgraduate studies) – since 2013 as a full-time employee. Since 2013, I have also been teaching Film Postproduction, Photocast and Audiovisual Design at the Warsaw School of Photography and Design Graphics (Extramural Study of Artistic and Professional Photography, Extramural Study of Design and Computer Graphics). I am a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Warsaw.

In December 2017, opened a doctoral dissertation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw at the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art.

Projekt Trzeci Wymiar Grafiki WIT Szkoła Wyższa pod auspicjami PAN Universitatea De Artă Şi Design, UAD Program Katamaran – Przygotowanie i realizacja wspólnych studiów II stopnia
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